Keel the Demonslayer

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Keel the Demonslayer CoverSynopsis

Keel the Demon Slayer is an epic fantasy adventure, the life story of former elven general Keel, as told by his own imprisoned spirit. Keel lived through the Millenial War – a world spanning conflict that brought together many nations and races in order to survive hordes of demon invaders when the hell planes opened into the Nine Moon’s World. Join Keel and his companions in their epic adventure as he evolves from a simple sailor to find himself against impossible tasks such as confronting endless demon hordes, huge demon queens and one of the four Dukes of Hell. And beyond that, a greater threat that he must face all by himself.


Book connections

This is the first book that takes place during the Millennium War, about 4000 years before the events recounted in the book “The Dark Eyes Ones,” “The Sword of Red Tides” and “The Forgotten Oracle” which make up the New Nexus Trilogy. Keel the Demonslayer is closely related to one of our upcoming releases: “The First King’s Death” which also takes place during the Millennium War.